We as women are smart, contemplative, compassionate, caring, intellectual, spiritual, serene and beautifully complex, and we deserve to be fully informed when making our birthing decisions.

Mothers Deserve To Know

Mothers deserve to be given accurate information in order to make fully informed decisions concerning the birth of their child. This information should specifically be provided by the professionals they have instilled trust in, including an out-of-hospital midwife.

Good and bad exists in every industry, and the midwifery one is no exception. Midwives can be an integral part of our society, especially in truly rural communities. There are great midwives in this country doing wonderful things, and there are also bad ones that have proven to be deadly for both mother and child.

Mothers and fathers deserve to be provided with the knowledge needed to make a fully informed decision on where to birth their child, be it in a hospital, birthing center, or at home.

This site provides information gathered from doctors, midwives, medical malpractice attorneys, investigative journalists, bloggers, and parents who have lost their children under the supervision of an out-of-hospital midwife, so that all mothers considering an out-of-hospital birth may be provided with the knowledge they deserve to have in making a fully informed decision.